New Barn Office

Elise Thomas

It's been an interesting few months here on the farm! We've been busy converting part of our 8 stall barn into a new office space for the biz. This involved cutting new openings for sliding doors, pouring new concrete floors, installing in floor heat, adding skylights and finally, insulation & paneling. It's exhausting even typing all that out! And I didn't even mention the mountains of junk, layers of straw and dung soaked dirt that had to be dug out first. (Anyone with a barn knows how they are a magnet for all manner of junk.)

Anyway, here's the reveal!

The new assembly & packaging area:

assembly and packaging area

The new photo booth:

(Note the small table below - this is the old base of a heated watering system for the horses.)

photo booth

New Sliding doors - look at that light! 

Barn sliding doors

The new shipping & inventory storage system:

(You can see the old stall doors, still on their track, forming the wall behind the shelving.)

shipping and inventory storage system

And, proof that is used to be a barn! (This is on the other side - we kept 4 stalls intact, lest the llamas be left homeless.)

Llama stall

And, here's the crew! They are enjoying poking their heads in the door to beg whenever they get a chance.