Raspberry bird charm bracelet

Elise Thomas Designs

$ 22.00

A special bracelet adds a smile to each day! My happy little bird bracelets are cheerful, colorful and individually Artisan crafted just for you.

I sculpt each bird from molten glass, making each one a tiny work of art! My birds are compatible with all brands of European style charm bracelets. If you’re ready for a new look, take the bird bead off this bracelet and add it to your charm bracelet.

This bracelet is made with my fabulous Raspberry bird color. Her colors range from burgundy, to ruby, to purple with hints of pink and cream. The bird bead is strung onto your choice of metallic leather cord and ornamented with a fun flower bead in your choice of finish.

size: 6.75"
(You'll want your bracelet to fit snug, to keep the bird on top. If you need a different size, feel free to let me know.)

Imagine the smiles you’ll create when you share this sweet bird with someone you love. My exclusive bird bracelets are perfect as a special gift to lift the spirits of an important someone, even if it’s you!

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