Custom love birds wedding ring holder with glass flower, initials and date

Elise Thomas Designs

$ 60.00

Celebrate the day with a custom love birds wedding ring holder, created to hold a special ring. Your love bird's initials & date are fired onto the rim of this lovely ring holder. Two handmade glass birds join in the celebration.

I sculpt each bird & flower from molten glass, making each one a tiny work of art! You choose the colors of your love birds & your glass flower. The ring holder is created using white ceramic clay glazed to a glossy white. I'll add a little pool of celadon blue glaze to the bottom of the dish.

Choose your flowers from the following flower colors:

  • Fuchsia, Pink, Lilac, Plum, Lavender, Periwinkle, Aqua, Ivory, Yellow, Mustard, Orange, Poppy, Red, Navy

Choose your birds from the following bird colors:

  • Emerald, Vanilla, Golden, Sunset, Pink, Raspberry, Cardinal, Sparkle blue, Blue bird, Turquoise, Aqua, Mint, Raven, Dove

4.5" round (11cm) x 1.5" tall (4cm)

*Please leave your initials, date, flower color and choice of colors for Bird 1 and Bird 2  in the 'Notes to Seller' section when you checkout.*

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